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Guangdong Fashion Week comes to Zhongshan's Shaxi


Zhongshan Parallel Session of the Guangdong Fashion Week was held on October 31 in Shaxi Town, a town famous for its clothing production.

During the Guangdong Fashion Week, nearly 40 theme activities will be held, including fashion shows, cutting-edge designs release press conferences, "Guangdong Top 10 Design Show", award ceremonies, Intangible Cultural Heritage project display, etc.

Before its debut, Muse Garment, a well-known women's clothing brand based in Shaxi, held a ceremony to donate 1 million yuan of materials to Liupanshui, Guizhou province, a partner assistance area with Zhongshan.

Many design elements from the main show, The Muse of the People, incorporated the local folk customs of Liupanshui. The design team led by chief designer Zhang Jie, a clothing and apparel design teacher of Zhongshan Polytechnic, conducted field surveys in Liupanshui for nearly half a month. The Muse of the People that was inspired by local folk customs, culture and art in Liupanshui made its debut.

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