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Zhongshan raises minimum standard of living allowance

Starting on January 1, 2021, the  minimum standard of living allowance for residents in Zhongshan has been raised again, from 1,100 yuan/person/month to 1,120 yuan/person/month.

At the same time, the certification standard for low-income families has been adjusted from 1,101-1,650 yuan/person/month to 1,121-1,680 yuan/person/month, the basic living standard for poverty-stricken people increased from 1,760 yuan/person/month to 1,792 yuan/person/month, and the basic living security standard for de facto orphans raised from 1,550 yuan/person/month to 1,578 yuan/person/month, all seeing an increase of 1.82%.

In addition, the classified relief fund for the elderly, minors, current students (undergraduate and below), single-parent family members, severely disabled persons, and seriously ill patients among low income groups has increased from 440 yuan/person/month to 448 yuan/person/month.

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