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Zhangshan's latest initiative for electricity saving

In response to the current severe situation of power supply, Zhongshan Municipal Development and Reform Bureau recently released "The Initiative for Saving Power in Business Establishments across Zhongshan City", calling for concerted efforts to save power and tide over difficulties.

I. Large commercial complexes shall shorten their business hours in non-holidays, postpone their opening till 11:00 am, and close by 9:30 pm.

II. Zhongshan's power supply sectors shall, according to the daily power consumption, make every effort to ensure the normal power supply of commercial establishments of all kinds especially large commercial complexes at peak times on non-working days, that is, 11:00 to 14:00 and after 17:00. Besides, consciously slash power consumption at other periods.

III. Shopping malls, guest houses, hotels, banks and other commercial service establishments shall set the temperature of air conditioners not lower than 26℃, and minimize the working units. It is indispensable to turn off unnecessary night lighting facilities, strictly control decorative landscape lighting, and switch off illumination units in offices and conference rooms and corridor lamps when there is sufficient light. Also, minimize the number of elevators in use or control the passenger capacity of each elevator.

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